Update on the Hearings on the Proposed New Zoning District in Conshohocken (Hotel, etc)

During last Wednesday’s meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council there was another hearing on the proposed Special Zoning District 4, which would allow a hotel, larger office buildings, etc. along the Fayette Street to Robinson Alley between West Elm Street and West 1st Avenue.

The hearing involved almost exclusively parking. The developer, Keystone Properties, believes it has adequate parking to handle the cars that will be coming to the site for staff, hotel guests, office workers and users of the retail businesses. The Borough questioned those numbers and is still seeking Keystone to provide all-day access to a specific number of spots free to the public. Keystone wants to limit the public use to off-peak hours (night and weekends). This issue wasn’t resolved.

Pictured left, view from coming over the bridge. Pictured right, view from East 2nd Avenue and Fayette Street.

The only other issue we remember hearing addressed is the concern from a couple members of Borough Council regarding the development overtaking the town. Thus far in Conshohocken’s redevelopment, the larger buildings have been kept down towards the river, which reduces their height impact. These buildings would be along the unit block of Fayette Street and would become the de facto entrance to the town.

Based on everything that was said in the meeting, it sounds like once they come to an agreement on parking this will be voted on and approved.

More to come.