Update on the Conshy Dog Park

During last week’s meeting of Borough Council, a resident asked about the status of the Conshy Dog Park.  As acknowledged by Borough Council, the park never lived up to its hype and was often found muddy and unkept, plus the fob system never worked properly.

The mud was at least partially due, when it wasn’t the snow, to a broken pipe under the park. The park was built on public land, with funds generated through a deal with Kynetic, which wanted a helipad near its office just down the river from where the dog park was built.  It was to be maintained by a non-profit, without the benefit of public funding, which still seems to be the case because the dog park is hiring a caretaker.  An advertisement on Craigslist states:

We are seeking an indivividual(sic) to take care of ongoing lawn care needs for the Conshohocken Dog Park. The park is a fenced in space that is approximately 176′ by 40′. We are looking for both the grass to be cut as well as weed whacking the grass around the inside perimeter fence. We are looking to service the park once a week from April through October. Hours are flexible. Must provide your own equipment and supplies. Comfort around dogs is also a must.

Based on the discussion during the Borough Council meeting, the park will be in better condition this summer and ready for Fido.