Update on RFP for Verizon Building, Old Fire House and Grass Area

Two proposals were submitted in response for the RFP for the Verizon Building, the old fire house and the grass area next to Washies.  The proposals were submitted by Keystone Property Group and Brandywine Realty Trust.

We requested copies of the proposals, but were told we had to submit a “right to know” form.  We did so on July 25th to the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority.  It has five days to respond.  The Times Herald also requested the proposals and had to file a “right to know” as well.  The reporter from the Times Herald reported that the proposals contained proprietary information and we’re in the process of being redacted.

There was also a story yesterday on Philly.com that appears to change the time line.  As we previously published, a decision was to be made on August 14th regarding which proposal to accept.  The Philly.com story states:

Nugent expects the redevelopment authority and borough officials to review the proposals in about a month and make a selection in late summer or early fall.

Nugent is Jerry Nugent who is the head of the Redevelopment Authority.  We will work on getting the timing clarified.

in the Times Herald story, it is reported that Borough President Paul McConnell expects the proposals to be discussed in an Executive Session of the August 7th workshop meeting.  That means no public access, no minutes and no media.

Keep you posted.