Update on July 19th zoning hearing in Conshohocken

Last week MoreThanTheCurve.com provided the limited details available for the zoning hearing scheduled for Monday, July 19th in Conshohocken. At the time, the notice posted by the Borough of Conshohocken only included the property involved without any detail on what zoning relief was being sought. The corresponding documents have now been published and we can now report the following:

701 Fayette Street, Conshohocken

MoreThanTheCurve.com has reported on this proposal before. The owner of the former Exxon property at East 7th Avenue and Fayette Street is proposing to replace the closed gas station and garage with a mixed-use building that would have retail on the ground floor and two floors of apartments above. The image at the top of this article is a rendering of this proposal.

The main relief being sought involves parking. The zoning code requires 46 spots. The applicant submitted a “Shared Parking Analysis of Dynamic Traffic” that the applicant argues offers a “real world” look at what parking is actually needed due to the shared use of the parking spaces between retail and residential. The proposal would provide 27 parking spaces on the property and then by eliminating the curb cuts utilized for the gas station, add another five parking spaces along the street.

The documents for this zoning application begin at page 740 in the packet.

261 and 263 East Elm Street, Conshohocken

This involves a series of variances connected to a proposed condominium/townhouse community on the property that is currently used as an office building and fitness facility. This has been reported on extensively before. Borough Council voted to approve a conditional use application to allow for a residential use.

The documents for this zoning application begin at page three in the packet.

424 East Elm Street, Conshohocken

This proposal involves a building that has most recently been used as a yoga studio on the ground floor and an office above. The applicant owns a business that sells, ships, and services mailroom supplies and equipment. The first floor would be used for storage, shipping, and service and the second floor would remain office space. The building is within a residential zoning district so any nonconforming use has to be approved.

The documents for this zoning application begin at page 628 in the packet.

200 block of Washington Street, Conshohocken

This property previously received variances connected to an office building that was never constructed. This property is the field along the river just upriver from Londonbury and where the helipad is located.

The previously approved variances are set to expire on July 20th. The application seeks to extend them.

The documents for this zoning application begin at page 669 in the packet.