Update on “Conshohocken” Man Involved in Car Crash Involving Seven Parked Vehicles in West Chester

This is an update on the report last night of an unnamed Conshohocken man who was arrested after crashing into seven cars on a residential street in West Chester. The incident was caught on a Ring doorbell video.

We now know a little more. The 30-year-old man is Kyle Chandler Sims according to 6ABC Action News. Whether he actually lives in Conshohocken is somewhat unclear. The address that comes up when you search him in Google is in Upper Merion but likely has the 19428 zip code.

The DailyLocal.com has a blow-by-blow of the incident but identifies Sims as only “Kyle Chandler.”


What is interesting about the whole thing is that Sims (referred to as “Chandler” in the below quotes from the DailyLocal.com) initiated contact with the police. He pulled up to a police car and asked if they had heard the new Kayne West album.

Officers said they heard loud music playing in the black Hyundia Velostar Chandler was driving. From his car, Chandler got the attention of troopers and said he was listening to the new Kayne West album and wanted to know if the troopers had heard it.

He then pulled away, the police followed and he crashed into the seven cars. Sims attempted to flee but was apprehended. He didn’t take being apprehended well.

Chandler was bleeding from the mouth and when a trooper went to put him on a stretcher, he spit into the officer’s face and troopers say that Chandler told a second officer that he was going to “body him up.”

The DailyLocal.com reports that Sims has been charged with a bunch of different crimes including aggravated assault, driving under the influence, terrorist threats, unauthorized use of an automobile, resisting arrest, driving while operating privilege is suspended, reckless driving, etc.

Photo: The mugshot at top of article is from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and from a previous arrest.