Update on East Hector Streetscape Improvements

In the comments of the article on the speed tables under discussion for West 6th Avenue, someone mentioned that the streetscape work on East Hector hasn’t occurred. We looked into it and found that the work is currently in the bid process. The bids are due on July 14th.

The specific portion of East Hector Street being improved is from the intersection of Poplar Street to the intersection with Apple Street.  The work consists of:

  • Maintenance and protection of traffic
  • Removal of specific existing facilities
  • Construction of new curbed islands
  • Asphalt repair and restoration
  • Landscaping
  • Restoration

You can download and view specific improvements here the technical plans here.  The plans are what the contractor will work from, so they are very detailed. There are drawings of what will be done and where, what plants and trees will be planted, etc.

One bit of information we didn’t find in the bidding information was the timeline for the work to start and be completed. We will try to find that out.