Unofficial Results | One-party rule comes to Conshohocken

Unofficial election results from Montgomery County show Democrats sweeping the four races for seats on Conshohocken’s borough council and Yaniv Aronson winning re-election as mayor. The political makeup of the council will go from 6-1 Democrats to Republicans to 7-0 in favor of Democrats.

The borough council will have three new members. Adrian Serna will represent Ward 2, Kathleen Kingsley will represent Ward 5, and Stacy Ellam will represent Ward 6. Anita Barton, who was the only incumbent running, will return to her seat representing Ward 4.

Note that Kingsley was very recently appointed to the council to fill an open seat after a resignation. Technically she was an incumbent but has only served two-and-a-half months.

From the county’s website:

The results below reflect the unofficial total number of mail-in, in-person & provisional ballots that have been validated and counted. These totals do not include ballots from military personnel or from overseas voters received between 8:00 PM on Election Day and the deadline at 5:00 PM on November 9th.

Unofficial Winner – Yaniv Aronson (D)

Candidate (Party)Election DayMail-inProvisionalTotal
Yaniv Aronson (D)98245201,434
Mike Makoid (R)757740831

Ward 2 – Council Seat
Unofficial Winner – Adrian Serna (D)

Candidate (Party)Election DayMail-inProvisionalTotal
Adrian Serna (D)3117048
Richard Kosich (R)264030

Ward 4 – Council Seat
Unofficial Winner – Anita Barton (D)

Candidate (Party)Election DayMail-inProvisionalTotal
Anita Barton (D)176720248
Lori Burt (R)154110165

Ward 5 – Council Seat
Unofficial Winner – Kathleen Kingsley (two-year term)

Candidate (Party)Election DayMail-inProvisionalTotal
Kathleen Kingsley (D)115590174
Rita Montemayor (R)122130135

Ward 6 – Council Seat
Unofficial Winner – Stacy Ellam (D)

Candidate (Party)Election DayMail-inProvisionalTotal
Stacy Ellam (D)166760242
Christopher Dieckhaus (R)159160175