UFO Sightings in the Conshohocken Area

Ever see a UFO in Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting or Lafayette Hill? We explored the reports made to the National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For PA and discovered that a few of you have dating more more than a decade. There have been one sighting in West Conshohocken, nine sightings in Conshohocken, two sightings in Lafayette Hill and nine sightings in Plymouth Meeting.

Here is one of the reports from Conshohocken in 2013:

White sphere seen in Eastern sky around sun moving very fast then zoomed up into space.

I was stopped at a signal on my way to work. The signal covered up the very bright sun so I could see very clearly. Then I noticed this white circle of light moving slowly from right to left. I had a couple cups of coffee and a good nights sleep so I was very alert. When I had stopped at the traffic light I was very grateful the signal covered up the blinding sun. Then I noticed the sphere.

It was 6 45 am early in the morning and the sun was brilliant. When I first saw the orb it was to the right of the sun in 3 o’clock position. moving down and towards the left. It was very high and left no trail…I notice aircraft and this was no jet, balloon, blimp,or anything man made that could move so fast and high up in the time it took to move.

I was not afraid and followed it closely with my eyes…there was no time to reach for a cell phone camera.

I also was not sure if the sphere was projecting its own light or if it was reflecting the sun. It did not sparkle or twinkle.

Then the orb moved quickly up above and to the right of the sun again, moved slowly to the left and then zoomed up and very fast into space. It was a total viewing time of about 10 seconds. It was a marvel to see.

When I got to work I told some coworkers what I had seen and went to check the weather. The humidity was 67% and wind was 2 MPH from the south west.

It was a very exciting start to my day and I texted my family about it immediately.

You can view the entire database of reports online. Tell us in the comments if you have seen a UFO.