UFO Sighting in Plymouth Meeting on September 5th

There was a reported UFO sighting in Plymouth Meeting on September 5th. Someone with the handle MUFON reported the sighting on UFO Stalker. Below is the account of the sighting:

Object was stationary. it was very creepy with how clearly you could see it. it (sic) was silver and cylindrical and less than a mile and. i (sic) also opened my roof to see it without a windshield between me and the object. this (sic) is in the philadelphia international flight path but it was much higher than the planes on approach to philly. no (sic) other aircraft were seen at the time. i (sic) had this feeling before when i (sic) was younger and saw a glowing object above the field next to my house. it (sic) made the hair stand up on my arm.

Photo: UFOStalker.com (we added the arrow)