UFO Reported Over Conshohocken

The website UFO-Hunters.com has a post dated November 10th that details a sighting of a UFO over Conshohocken on November 9th. Below is the report and a photo:

UFO over Conshy

We noticed 3 very bright lights in the distance. Compared to airplanes in the sky as well, these were 25 times brighter. As we were driving towards the lights, we noticed each bright light was 3 bright lights, in a triangle shape. The 3 triangle shapes, moved together, very slowly. As we approached, and were under the lights, we could tell the 3 light patterns were a part of a much larger triangle shape, maybe the size of a football field. We pulled down a side street, to stop and take photos, but the lights disappeared. No sound was evident. After a few minutes, we continued to drive, and noticed them reappear in the distance, about 5 minutes later. At that time we took a photo, but only of one of the bright light formations, as the other two were hidden behind trees. The photo (one actual, and one zoomed in), only looks like 2 lights, from this angle and distance.

Anyone else spot anything? Let us know in the comments.


Photo UFO-Hunters.com.