UberX is Looking for Drivers in the Suburbs

Uber, which launched as a mobile app a few years ago that connected professional limo drivers with people needing a ride, is expanding out of the cities and into the suburbs, plus adding a less expensive option called UberX. UberX allows for non-professional drivers to be part of the Uber network and provide transportation for those in need. So if you own a decent car, and keep it clean, you can now be a driver for UberX.

In Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Parking Authority oversees taxis and has pushed out a similar service a few years ago. According to this article on PhillyMag.com, UberX was recently seeking drivers for UberX in South Jersey, outside of the authority of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. The article also goes on to say that the service could drive you from South Jersey to the city, but would not pick you up there.

uber ad

We spotted this advertisement from Uber this morning on Facebook that seeks drivers in the suburbs of Philadelphia. So if you want to provide rides to your fellow Conshohockenites and make some extra cash, click the image above to apply.