Two Upcoming Dance Parties for Exceptional Kids at Bouncetown

Bouncetown in East Norriton is hosting two dance parties for exceptional kids (14 and up) and adults on March 9th and April 14th from 7:30 p.m. to  9:30 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Dream Team.

The parties will offer:
  • Provide an outing for exceptional kids to party with each other
  • Provides an outing for parents to bring the entire family to have a great evening
  • A quiet room where there are board games, markers, coloring books and coloring pencils. Kids tend enjoy this room and bop their heads to the sound of the music

Parents and caregivers are welcome (this is a great chance to get to know one another), plus they have the opportunity to dance along with their kids and their friends.

These events provide an outing for everyone to be themselves and be judged by no one.
Tickets are $10 per dancer and available online or at the door (parents and caregivers are free). March 9th tickets are available here and April 14th here.