Two consecutive days under 100 new cases of Coronavirus. Hospitals continue to see a decline in number of patients

Montgomery County officials today announced that on Sunday, May 17th there were 74 new cases of Coronavirus and 99 on Monday, May 18th. That brings the total of countywide cases to 5,963. The new cases include 46 from long-term care facilities and 127 from the community.

Officials also announced an additional 55 deaths, bringing the total to 529 overall. Note that these deaths include 32 from April that were either reported late or tested after death and have moved from the probable death list to confirmed. The number of probable deaths is now 155. Among the confirmed death total, 461 or 87% are from long-term care facilities.

The 14-day total of positive tests is 1,4 with a daily average of 100 based on the county’s data. The goal set by the governor is to have a 14-day daily average of 30. The county is currently off that pace by 70.

The latest local data is as follows:

  • Conshohocken is at 33 cases, which is one more than since Saturday
    • There have been zero deaths overall in Conshohocken
  • Whitemarsh is at 131 cases, which is two more than since Saturday
    • There have been 13 deaths overall in Whitemarsh
  • Plymouth is at 95 cases, which is three more than since Saturday
    • There have been five deaths overall in Plymouth
  • West Conshohocken is at eight cases, which is the same as Saturday
    • There have been zero deaths in West Conshohocken

On the hospital front, the number of patients in county hospitals continues to decline. Over the past few weeks, it has gone down from around 400 to a current approximate number of 250. The number of patients on a ventilator is currently 25 percent.

In regards to long-term care facilities, 94 facilities report that 1,682 residents have tested positive, along with 612 staff members.

You can find the latest data from the county here.

You can view the latest press conference below: