Two-bottle limit on 43 different bottles of booze in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board this week notified its license holders and the public that starting September 17th 43 bottles will have a two-bottle purchase limit per day until further notice. The reason for the restriction was attributed to supply change disruptions and product shortages.

From the notice:

Due to sustained supply chain disruptions and product shortages beyond the PLCB’s control, two-bottle purchase limits will apply to the following items beginning Friday, Sept. 17 and will remain for the foreseeable future. The two-bottle limit applies to retail and licensee purchases, whether in stores, through or at LSCs. The purchase limits are two-bottles, per licensee, per day.

In addition, these items will not be eligible for store-to-store transfers beginning Sept. 17.

As products become more widely available, the PLCB will rescind the purchase limits.

The list of impacted bottles can be found here.