Tweet involving Colonial Elementary School being investigated by police

The Colonial School District has notified district families about a tweet involving Colonial Elementary School that is being investigated by the Whitemarsh Police Department.

The tweet asked for someone to “call a bomb threat or a gunfire at my school.” The notice to families stressed that the school had not received a direct threat, that there was an increased police presence at the school, and school would continue as normal.

Below is the text of the notice:

Dear Colonial families,

This morning we received information that an individual posted a message on social media requesting that “someone call a bomb threat or a gunfire at my school.” The message was posted on October 12 on a Twitter account and a concerned citizen shared it with the district this morning. We immediately contacted Whitemarsh Police. Please note that we have not received a direct threat at CES or any Colonial School District schools and do not believe the safety of our students or staff is at risk.

We are looking forward to a regular school day, but wanted to make families aware of this situation in case you hear about it. As a precaution, we will have security at CES throughout the day and Whitemarsh Police will have an increased presence on our campus. Our District Safety Officer is working with Whitemarsh Police to contact Twitter to remove the post and to hopefully identify the individual who is responsible for this unsettling message. The safety and welfare of our students and staff is of paramount importance.


Rose Rock
CES Principal

Mike Christian

Please note that Kevin Tierney, owner of, is the “concerned citizen” mentioned in the notice. We came across the tweet while doing our morning search of Twitter.