Turn on Your Lights Driver Won’t Give Up!

The driver who got all riled up about another driver not having his or her lights on while driving in West Conshy is back. He just can’t let it go. The driver has now posted a third time on CraigsList.com’s Rant & Raves complaining about the responses he received after his first two posts. We don’t see any responses on CraigsList.com, so he must be reading MoreThanTheCurve.com’s Facebook page.

Here is the text of the latest post:

Some interesting messages from people still blaming me for speeding up when Psycho Driver tried to pass me on the double yellow line.

One says I was just as dangerous turning my lights off. Huh? I didn’t turn them off, I flashed them. I also waved and pointed.

Makes me wonder what you people do when you see a car with its lights off. Just ignore it and hope the idiot doesn’t kill someone?

I see some idiot with lights off about once a week. Whenever possible I flash my lights at them.

Then there was the time on 95 when this idiot had her lights off for at least FIVE MILES. I was behind her flashing my lights and honking. No response. I pulled alongside her in the adjacent lane, honking, yelling and pointing to the front of her car. She looked right at me and did nothing. I don’t know how such a clueless person survives in the world.

Readers, when you see someone flashing their lights what do you think it could mean? A person with an actual brain will think “Hmm, why is he flashing his lights?” and notice that the road in front of them is dark. This is not a difficult concept, people.

Another thing: almost every day I get behind a car with one or more brake lights out. If at all possible I tell them at the next red light. I would want to be told if my lights weren’t working.

So people, please turn your lights on and comment on MoreThanTheCurve.com’s Facebook page how this person is an American hero.