Trump and Clinton Don’t Have Many Donors in Conshohocken, Lafayette Hill and Plymouth Meeting

The Philadelphia Business Journal had an article the other day that provided a searchable database that allowed you to see how much money was being donated to the Presidential campaigns by town. We searched for Trump in Conshohocken and found that only one person has donated money. This person made four donations totaling $485.00. The Clinton campaign received money from 16 different donors and it totaled $8,946.00. The search is generic to “Conshohocken” so its likely including the entire zip code (Conshohocken, West Conshohocken and parts of Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships).

In Lafayette Hill Trump has four donors listed totaling $700.00. Clinton has 20 donors giving 13,965.00.

In Plymouth Meeting Trump has a single donor coming in with $215.00. Clinton has 14 donors totaling $11,755.00.

In each town, Clinton had a handful of donors giving $500 to $2,700 (the max allowed for a federal election). Most donations were in the $25.00 range.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein didn’t receive any donations from any of the three towns.