Transparency Alert | Planning meeting in Plymouth Township

Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 2nd. The agenda is posted, but unfortunately, it does not provide any significant details. You can find the agenda here.

As you see, it is one page with just a series of addresses. It does not say who the applicants are, what the application involves beyond whether it is a sketch plan, zoning, or land development.

Planning commissions or agencies review applications involving zoning applications and land development plans and make recommendations to the zoning hearing board and/or the elected body. Appearing on a planning commission or agency agenda is often when the public first learns about a proposed project.

In comparison to Plymouth, Whitemarsh Township’s Planning Commission held a meeting on January 25th and the agenda was 65 pages. The public got to review the relevant documents prior to the meeting and the public had the opportunity to determine if they are concerned about the plans.

The residents of Plymouth Township deserve the same level of transparency.


The township isn’t breaking any laws by not providing this information with the agenda. They are simply choosing not to.