Trains Still Running Through Sinkhole Zone in Plymouth Meeting

Earlier today, Montgomery County issued a press release that offered new information about the closure of a portion of Butler Pike in Plymouth Meeting. That press release, states that the area where there are now at least two sinkholes, is in close proximity to railroad tracks, natural gas and sewer pipes and other utility lines.

We asked the county’s spokesperson about whether trains were still going to run through the area and he told us to talk to Norfolk Southern.

We asked Norfolk Southern and received the below response:

The sinkhole currently does not pose a threat to the railroad bridge or to the safety of rail operations. As NS has stated in the past, the railroad bridge is supported by its own foundation on an abutment that is not connected to the roadway. The bridge’s pilings extend 40 to 50 feet into the ground and are on solid footing.
Norfolk Southern Engineering Department personnel regularly inspect the track and bridge through Plymouth Meeting as part of its regular track and bridge inspection program. We will continue to monitor the sinkhole to ensure that conditions remain safe for rail operations.

So the trains are still running.