Traditional Julbord Christmas Smorgasbord at IKEA

The IKEA in Conshohocken is having a Traditional Julbord Christmas Smorgasbord on Friday, December 13th. Tickets are still available for the 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. seating. The regular price is $12.99 per person or $4.99 for kids 12 and under. They also offer a family price of $9.99 per person or $2.49 for kids 12 and under.

What is a Julbord? According to Wikipedia:

A special Swedish type of smörgåsbord is the julbord which is the standard Christmas dinner in Sweden. Julbord is a word consisting of the elements jul, meaning Yule (today synonymous with Christmas) and bord, literally table. The classic Swedish julbord is the highlight of Swedish cuisine, a traditional smörgåsbord starting with bread dipped in ham broth and continuing with a variety of fish (salmon, herring, whitefish and eel), ham, small meatballs, pork ribs, head cheese and sausages, potato, Janssons frestelse, boiled or potato casserole, soft and crisp bread, butter and different cheeses, beetroot salad, cabbage (red, brown or green) and rice pudding and beverages.