Track pulled from proposal for car condo facility in Whitemarsh Township

During the December 15th meeting of the planning commission in Whitemarsh Township, there was a presentation from MH Stenton, LLC on a sketch plan to redevelop just under 24 acres near the corner of Militia Hill Road and Stenton Avenue.

The focus of the plan is a series of garages that would be owned by the individual users. The owners could then trick out their garages and store their luxury vehicle or vehicles. There would also be an indoor and outdoor event space, administrative offices and the possility for additional office space. It is basically a social club for people who collect or own multiple cars where they can hang out, show off their cars, and talk about cars.

A half-mile track was also part of the original plan submitted to the township. The developer removed this feature prior to the presentation because it was driving a significant portion of the negative comments about the plan on social media leading up to the meeting. The developer stated that the track was an amenity, but not a core part of the project.

About 30 people attended the meeting and raised objections due to the potential for noise and traffic, along with the fear for stormwater overwhelming a creek, the removal natural habitat, and the potential for the garages to be used for commercial purposes (mechanics, autobody).

This developer did not seek the planning commission to make a recommendation on the project. The presentation was just used to solicit initial responses from the members of the commission and the public.

To make the plan a reality, the developer would need to seek zoning relief from the zoning hearing board or a text amendment from the board of supervisors. The property falls within the campus-type limited industrial zoning district and this proposed use is not permitted.