Top Ten Searched Terms That Landed Someone on in 2014

Every year we like to look back at what people were googling, binging and yahooing to land themselves on Below are the Top 10 terms and phrases that were searched. Please note that we did not include searches for any variation of Conshohocken, Conshy, and Conshohocken Restaurant Week, which dominate the results.

1. Bobby Burgers Conshohocken PA

2. Tradestone Cafe

3. Sesko Conshohocken

4. Kennedy Crossing Conshohocken PA

5. Conshohocken Fireworks 2014

6. American Royalty Cigars

7. Parkview on 7th Conshohocken

8. Conshohocken Brewing Company

9. Conshy Corner Tavern

10. Chatter Splatter Conshohocken