Top 5 Reasons to go Local for Auto Care | Sponsored Content

There is a common misconception that new car owners have about service at dealership vs local corner garage. These 5 top points define John Brothers Automotive and give you reasons to check them out on your next maintenance appointment.

Personal Relationships

John Brothers mechanics are willing to help you understand how your car performs and what it needs. This one-on-one relationship between driver and mechanic can really help you have confidence in both the work that’s performed and in the vehicle itself. Local mechanics are more willing to help you understand how your car performs and what it needs. You can ask to look under the hood or the chassis with your local mechanic, and perhaps learn something about what goes where or why a service needs to be performed.

Location and Convenience

John Brothers Automotive is located conveniently in the borough of Conshohocken at 13 East 2nd Avenue. Schedule service near home or work.

Guarantee on the Work

John Brothers warranties their service or repairs for your piece of mind.

Customer Satisfaction
John Brothers report to no one but you. They know that a happy customer will tell a friend, but an unhappy one will tell 10 friends. They have built a 100 year reputation in the community on customer satisfaction.
Automotive Authorities

The John Brothers slogan “ The Automotive Authorities” sums up their capabilities. They can handle all your automotive needs. Routine care like State inspections, tires, brakes, oil changes and batteries make up what most drivers of vehicles 3 years or newer need.

100 year strong automotive service station and 2017 Best of Conshy award winner John Brothers are the local automotive authorities located at 13 E. 2nd Ave, Conshohocken. Call 610-828-0639 to schedule your next appointment today.