To rent or buy? Day at the beach or mow the grass?

It is a Saturday morning at the start of the summer. You wake up and start considering how to spend your day. Should you drive down the shore and enjoy a day at the beach, or do you mow the grass, trim the bushes and fix the rail on your front porch?

If you always want to pick “enjoy a day at the beach” homeownership may not be a good decision for you.

Not only does homeownership steal time from the things you enjoy, but it can also result in unexpected expenses.

In the middle of the planning a ski vacation, a snowstorm hits and you realize your roof is leaking. You are now faced with a large unexpected bill and you need to cancel your vacation. Don’t let your only time out in the snow be shoveling the driveway (which you won’t have to do renting in an apartment community).

Something break in your apartment? The community handles the repair at no cost to you.

Upkeep? You will never have to mow the grass or trim the bushes. All that time can be dedicated to sitting on the beach or the community’s pool.

If you are not ready for the time and financial considerations when it comes to homeownership, renting can be a great opportunity to enjoy a more worry-free lifestyle offered by The Courts at Spring Mill.


If you’re looking for a new place to call home, The Courts at Spring Mill is the residence to check out. Its luxury apartments in Conshohocken, PA are the epitome of sleek, comfortable living. The perfect location paired with modern conveniences, a wide variety of amenities, coupled with snug living and completely pet-friendly, you’ll absolutely love living at The Courts at Spring Mill.

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