Tim Seely of Conshohocken and Megan Bergin of Lafayette Hill Finish With Top Local Times at Broad Street Run

Tim Seely of Conshohocken finished 14th overall and within the male division and Megan Bergin of Lafayette Hill finished 466th overall and 66th in the female division in yesterday’s Broad Street Run. Below are your local top five in each division:

1. Tim Seely (Conshohocken)
2. Evan Novakowski (Conshohocken)
3. Mark Petrowski (Conshohocken)
4. David Reichmann (Conshohocken)
5. Dan Troland (Conshohocken)

1. Megan Bergin (Lafayette Hill)
2. Beth Bonnevie (Conshohocken)
3. Jamie Ifkovits (Conshohocken)
4. Kerry Martinson (Conshohocken)
5. Debbie Weidman (Lafayette Hill)