Throwback Thursday – The Time the World Series Champions Stayed in West Conshohocken

A lot of sports teams (mostly college) stay at the Philadelphia Marriott West in West Conshohocken, however, there was only one time that a team that won the World Series stayed there. Back in 1993, the Blue Jays hadn’t anticipated that they would face the Phillies in the World Series, so they didn’t book rooms in Philadelphia. Once they learned that the Phillies were going to be their opponent they had to scramble to find rooms and part of the team ended up resting their heads in West Conshy.

Here is a story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Blue Jays’ stay in West Conshohocken:

The mayor yesterday took it upon himself to usher visiting Toronto Blue Jays through a hotel lobby.

“Let ‘im through,” said the mayor, as relief pitcher Duane Ward bogged down in a gaggle of autograph seekers.

But no, it was not that mayor. The Jays may be playing the Philadelphia Phillies in a World Series in Philadelphia, but a bunch of them are staying way out the Schuylkill Expressway, in West Conshohocken Borough – much to the delight of West Conshy’s 1,200 residents and their mayor, Michael Leonard.

“It’s real exciting for the borough,” Leonard gushed at the lobby door of the misnamed Philadelphia Marriott West. The green-glass hotel towers over the mile-square rowhouse borough.

“Who ever would have thought? It’s a once in a lifetime dream, I guess,” the 41-year-old Leonard said.

Somewhat embarrassed, officials with the Phillies and Philadelphia’s convention bureau had to scramble last week to line up hotel space for the Blue Jays after reservations in the Hyatt Cherry Hill had fallen through. The ball club was finally divided among the Marriott, and two Sheratons in King of Prussia.

Some of the Jays have been heard complaining about the 40-minute bus ride to the Vet. But there was no grousing by the players, coaches and Blue Jays officials coming and going from West Conshohocken yesterday afternoon.

“The people have been great. It’s been kind of relaxing being out here,” Pat Gillick, Toronto’s big general manager, said as he reached for the passenger door of a dark Oldsmobile that had drawn up to collect him fromunder the hotel’s portico.

“I’d rather be here than downtown. So many people. So much crowd. Better for us,” added relief pitcher Tony Castillo.

“Personally, it wouldn’t make any difference,” said the Jays’ batting instructor Larry Hisle. “For the wives, I think, it would be more important. But for a coach and player . . . we’re just here to play ball.”

Oh, there was some confusion about exactly where they and their fans had landed.

“Consha – West Consho – wherever we are,” offered Blue Jays fan Shawn Trudeau, 21, of Belleville, Ontario.

“Conshohocken!” declared bullpen coach John Sullivan.

No, no, no. West Conshohocken. Conshohocken is across the river.

“Well, I’m close,” Sullivan said.

“It’s West Conshohocken, not Conshohocken,” Mayor Leonard stressed a little later. “It’s a difference of two municipal governments.”

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