Throwback Thursday – The Time a US Open Champion Celebrated Victory in West Conshohocken

Last year at this time the US Open was teeing off at Merion in Delaware County. While the golf was played in Merion, a good amount of the competing golfers enjoyed Conshohocken’s restaurants in the evening. Everyday we would receive reports of who was eating where, etc.

justin rose

All of this was pretty low key until Justin Rose won the championship and celebrated his victory with family and friends at Gypsy Saloon in West Conshohocken. This story was published around the world and was accompanied by a photo of Rose holding the trophy standing between his wife and the Gypsy Saloon’s Kim Strengari. If you google “Justin Rose” and “Gypsy” you get back 165,000 results.

So today’s Throwback Thursday is the time a US Open Champion celebrated in West Conshohocken.