Throwback Thursday – The Time a Sinkhole Almost Swallowed Conshy

It was in 1932 in Conshohocken when a seemingly bottomless pit opened up in one of the streets. The below photo comes from an auction listing on Ebay:

Sink Hole

The back of the photo has a partial explanation of the situation, but doesn’t name the location. The text on the back of the photo (image below) states that 100 tons of rock from an old stone bridge was dumped into the hole to fill it and the stone was swallowed without a trace.

sink news

We searched online to find to try to learn more about it and there are two stories from the Conshy Recorder from November of 1932 (Nov. 25 and Nov. 29) that involve a sink (there are probably more, just not finding them). The images of the paper are very hard to read online, but they involve a sinkhole on Wood Street at West 10th Avenue. We also just noticed that there is a stamp showing a December 1932 date on the back of the image that can be viewed on Ebay. So this is likely the same sinkhole.

What we want to know is who climbed down on the ladder?