Throwback Thursday – The Bicentennial as Celebrated in Conshohocken

With the Fourth of July this week, we decided to look back to how Conshohocken celebrated the Bicentennial in 1976. We found two things to share with you. The first is a booklet published for the celebration titled “1776 to 1976 Bicentennial Conshohocken.” This booklet, preserved on the Conshohocken Historical Society’s website, contains the following information:

  • An article entitled “The Town Built on a Hill” by Dorothea M Staley which describes the Conshohocken Borough incorporation ceremony on May 18, 1850 along with some early Conshohocken historical facts.
  • An article entitled “A Short Story of Early Conshohocken with a Few Highlights of its History” by W.F. Collins. Included in this article is a description of the military engagements and maneuvers which occurred in Conshohocken during the Revolutionary War. William F Collins was president of the Conshohocken Historical Society in 1976.
  • Seven photos mostly depicting early Conshohocken.
  • The names of the borough officers in 1976.
  • The names of the Conshohocken Bicentennial Committee in 1976.

The second item is a video of the parade held (please note that the video is labeled 1975 for some reason) for the Bicentennial. We shared this once before back in 2012 before we were doing Throwbacks. So if you missed it then, check it out below: