Throwback Thursday – Inn of the Four Falls

The Inn of the Four Falls in West Conshohocken opened in 1732 and eventually was closed and demolished in 1986 to make way for the Four Falls office building. After many of the plants closed in Conshohocken and West Conshohocken the inn was actually the largest employer in the Conshohockens. We found an old menu on Ebay and the menu describes the restaurant as follows:

The beautiful hand hewn beams found in the Main Hall and Forge Room ceilings and on the staircase are dated 1782. These beams were cut by the early settlers of the historic Downingtown area and gave shelter as a log cabin for many generations. They were transported to this site to increase your pleasure in dining in the atmosphere of Colonial America.

The Main Hall with the water wheel turning and gently splashing, the ancient brick floors and the weathered walls provides a striking entrance to our five dining rooms.

Through the hall, past the tools of early tradesmen, is the Forge Room; rustic, with a large walk-in fireplace, bellows and a view of the Arrowmink Creek.

To the right of the entrance is the snug, low ceilinged tavern. The Mill Room is next to the tavern and directly over the rushing creek, with its ponds and swimming ducks.

An old log stairway leads to the upper dining rooms. The glass windows of the Granary give a panorama of the falls and the splendid wooded background.

The Williamsburg Room is more formal with a scenic view of the higher falls. Candlelite adds warmth and dignity.

Our newest edition, the Falls Room, has an inside waterfall with a small stream and is decorated with antiques from our seafaring past.

Across the creek, the Arrowmink Terrace is a perfect setting for cocktails and dining during the summer season.

The quaint shops climbing the west bank are open during lunch and dinner hours.


Inn at the Four Falls

Inn at the Four Falls Menu 1