Three Start-Ups from the Conshohockens Among the Region’s Coolest According to Philadelphia Magazine

In the November 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine there is an article Philadelphia in the Age of the Start-Up, which includes short profiles of the start-ups that the publication considers the 20 coolest. Three start-ups from the Conshohockens made the cut. Here they are:

GoMoto, based in Conshohocken (pg. 61)
“GoMoto is attempting to change the outdated way we shop for cars. Along with his two co-founders, Todd Marcelle, 34, is setting up mini showrooms in public places, with cars from a variety of makers, carefully selected through demographic research.”

NextDocs, based in Conshohocken (pg. 66)
“Their company provides cloud-based file sharing services to (mostly) pharmaceutical and biotech outfits. Now companies can seamlessly, efficiently and securely compile, track and comply with FDA regulations for clinical trials and the like.”

CareCam Health System, based in West Conshohocken (pg. 66)
“The gist: Videos and post-treatment care plans are uploaded to a patient’s smartphone, and feedback is captured remotely-so doctors can chart your biomedic readings and know if you took your meds after you’re discharged.”

The magazine is on news stands now.