Three Plymouth Meeting Residents Celebrating Anniversary of Their Lansdale Brewery

Three Plymouth Meeting residents, Rick Solomon and Doug and Nica Bellenger, along with Joe Provo and Matt Bolton, are celebrating the one year anniversary of Well Crafted Beer Company’s opening in Lansdale.

Well Crafted Beer Company originated when college friends, those listed in the first paragraph, teamed up to home brew out of a garage in Plymouth Meeting.  Their passion for beer evolved from drinking and talking about beer to brewing it. As individuals, they were only making around five gallons. Once they pulled their equipment and time together they could produce three times that amount.

It became the group’s weekend ritual to blend varieties of hops, malts, and yeasts to create different beer styles.  With each batch, they tweaked the recipes and experimented with ingredients and processes. Rick quickly realized the well water they were using was having an impact and started adjusting the water chemistry.  Each batch was getting better and better and eager to turn a hobby into a business, four families started making plans to open a brewpub.

Now almost a year later, Well Crafted Beer Company has made 80 unique beers. When they brew on the 7 barrel system, they follow the same principles as the small homebrew batches: the water is treated before beer is made. Chlorine is filtered from the public water and for some styles, minerals are added back in. Well Crafted strives to have something for everyone on draft including IPAs, Pale Ales, Saisons, Sours, Wheats, dark beers, seasonals, and barrel-aged brews.

One interesting thing to note, has reported on a potential brewery coming to the Plymouth Square Shopping Center. Well Crafted was at least one of the interested breweries. As also recently reported, the ownership of Plymouth Square Shopping Center recently changed and the planned renovations of the entire shopping center are currently under review. Due to this, Well Crafted is focusing on the one brewpub and plans to expand its fermentation capacity to supply more kegs and cans to the local area.

If you want to check out the brewery, it is located at 310 Madison Street in Lansdale adjacent to the SEPTA train station and the new Lansdale Madison Station apartments. The brewery has 20 rotating taps of craft beer made on the premises and fresh cocktails made with fellow Lansdale business Boardroom Spirits.  For more info go to or follow them @wellcraftedbeer.