Thousands of Readers Showing Interest in Transparency Pledge

We wanted to provide an update on our transparency pledge that we are asking candidates for local office to sign.

Thus far we have been pretty successful getting non-incumbents to sign the pledge. Incumbents, not so much. We have also not been able to get any Democrats to sign it (this hasn’t been as much of an issue for our Ambler site).

So who has signed locally? Here is the breakdown:

Conshohocken Borough Council
Joe Ferrigno (R) – Ward 1
Kris Waller (R) – Ward 7

Whitemarsh Township Supervisor
Perry Swartz (R)
Linda Doll (R)
Frank Scarpello (R)
Eli Glick (I)

West Conshohocken Borough Council
Joseph G. Pignoli (R)

Upper Merion Township Supervisor
Michael Napolitan (R)
(Please note we do not cover Upper Merion, but he signed it anyway. We haven’t pursued other candidates to sign it)

Plymouth Township Council
Chris Mundiath (R) – Ward 4
Sarah Derr Sterious (R) – Ward 2

How many people care about any of this? A lot based on the numbers (and they really care in West Conshohocken). Below are the number so far.

If you are a candidate and are holding out, but want to consider signing it, you can download it here.