Think Clean Energy During Clean Energy Week

Choosing clean, renewable energy to power your home or business is an easy way to help preserve the planet. It’s also an easy way to keep a few more dollars in your wallet. That’s why Sunrise Power & Gas is proud that its affordable electricity is fully powered by renewable energy sources.

Sunrise, Montgomery County’s newest provider of electricity, is recognizing the impact that renewable energy has during National Clean Energy Week, which concludes tomorrow. The week highlights the importance of clean energy to the economy and the planet. 

Electricity production is the top source of greenhouse gases. Renewable energy generates a significantly lower amount of air pollutants and promotes a cleaner atmosphere. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar also require virtually no water to operate and do not pollute water or spoil the natural water sources. 

“Clean energy is better for the environment and better for your health,” said Sunrise Power & Gas CEO Neville Ravji. “It also ends up costing a lot less in the long run.”

In 2018, almost 5 percent of Pennsylvania electricity was generated from renewable energy sources. Wind energy is the state’s largest renewable source of electricity generation and provided about 36 percent of Pennsylvania’s renewable electricity in 2018.

Sunrise’s affordable electricity is completely powered by clean energy, including solar and wind resources. Homeowners and small business owners can easily switch to Sunrise by visiting Sunrise offers affordable fixed rates, no enrollment or cancellation fees and no requirement for new equipment.

“You can quickly and easily go green with budget-friendly rates and save the planet at the same time,” said Sunrise COO Mohsin Hassan.