The time a Conshohocken comedian order a filet-o-fish and received a filet-o-burger from the McDonald’s on Ridge Pike

After performing a headlining stand-up comedy set at Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow Winery, Conshohocken resident and comedian Sidney Gantt decided that he needed to reward the vice center of his brain via food he admits he shouldn’t be eating.

Knowing he already had dinner made, and requiring something fast and reliable he went to the McDonald’s on Ridge Pike for a tried and true filet-o -fish that “has a perfect blend of everything decadent from salty, to a fried & crunchy, to creamy from the tartar sauce” according to Gantt.

Once he checked the bag, he realized something had horribly gone wrong. He had received a hamburger with tartar sauce.

After discovering the Frankenstein filet-o-fish, Gantt makes another trip through the drive-thru and asks for his money back.