The Source of the Leak at the Verizon Building and Initial Mold and Water Damage

We just met with a source who explained who gave details on when the Borough discovered the initial leak in 2009 and the mold in 2010.  According to our source, the leaks resulted from seams in the roof failing and allowing water into the building.  The original source of the leak was missed due to the water initially only leaking into the ground floor level (the building has a basement, ground floor and top floor).  Since there wasn’t any water on the top floor, it appeared to a pipe issue between the floors. The photo above is of some of the initial water damage in September 2009.

Eventually the problem with the roof was discovered and in the above photo you can see thin white strips where the separations occur. There were a couple efforts to patch the roof, but they were unsuccessful. The above photo was taken on the roof on September 25, 2009.

Here is another place where the seam has torn apart.  This is a photo from the roof.


The first signs of mold were discovered in January 2010.  The above photo was taken on January 5, 2010.

Another photo from January 5, 2010 of the initial mold problem.  According to our source, all of these photos were provided to the Borough when they were taken.