The Lost Cemetery of Plymouth Meeting

We came across a video today about a cemetery in Plymouth Meeting that has an unusual story. The video, made by a CC Kazen, shows her visit to Saint Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery in Plymouth Meeting, which now basically exists in someone’s backyard off Narcissa Road. In the video, the property owner comes out and asks her and the person with her to leave.

As you will also see in the video, Kazen has a print out of a 1986 article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which details the history of the cemetery and its condition. The article also includes interviews with two relatives of people buried there and how they felt about the condition of the cemetery (again, back in 1986). We can’t find any information on the cemetery since this 30 year old article.

We have reached out to Kazen, the Plymouth Meeting Historical Society and a couple other people mentioned in the article. We hope to do a follow-up on this with a little more of the history and its future.

Watch the video below: