The local candidates who wouldn’t agree to an interview with

As you may have noticed, we recently posted interviews with three candidates running for office locally. The primary election is Tuesday, May 18th. There are few competitive primaries (meaning that there are two candidates within the same party for the same position). Prior to the primary, we decided to focus on these competitive races.

In Conshohocken, there are two competitive races for a seat on Conshohocken’s Borough Council (Ward 2 and Ward 6). Neither candidate running in the Democratic primary in Ward 2 (incumbent James Griffin or Adrian Serna) replied to our request for an interview.

We had better luck in Ward 6 in Conshohocken. In the Democratic primary, there are two candidates and Stacy Ellam responded and we published an interview (watch). Marci Caudle did not respond.

In Ward 1 in Plymouth Township, there will only be one name on the ballot for the Democratic primary, Nick Whitney, but Seleema Lovelace is running a very active write-in campaign. Lovelace agreed to an interview (watch). Whitney did not respond,

Outside of municipal elections, there is a magisterial court judgeship that covers the section of Conshohocken west of Fayette Street and all of Plymouth Township up for election. Incumbent Frank Bernhardt agreed to an interview (watch). Jodi Lukens Griffis did not respond. Both will appear on the ballots for the Republican and Democratic parties.

Why some candidates didn’t respond is a good question for when they knock on your door or you see them at the polls.

In October we will revisit requesting interviews with all candidates who advance to the general election.