The Internet Thinks Conshy has a Restaurant at Washies

A reader sent us a screen cap of an online map that showed a Firetower Restaurant that the Internet thinks currently exists in the old portion of the Washington Fire Company.  The idea of putting a restaurant there has existed since the wave of development that occurred in the late 1980’s.

Beyond the numerous listings on various Internet dining and menu websites, we found this image above that was posted by Ray Weinmann, one of the initial developers.  We found a phone number that now rings to a local businesses’ fax line and it is even on Yelp.

So what is happening with this property?  It is part of the redevelopment project that includes the boutique hotel, office tower, public square and parking deck along Fayette between West Elm and West 1st Avenue.

So if one of your friends invites you out for dinner at the Firetower Restaurant, it doesn’t exist.