The Information Sought by the Wawa and Moore Subpoenas

Last night we spoke to an attorney working with the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance regarding the subpoenas that sought information from Wawa and EF Moore. Yesterday, we published a story on how Wawa’s name has been scrubbed from the zoning application that has a hearing scheduled for April 30th.  The developers are now seeking approval for a similar proposal, but it is a generic gas station and convenience store.

The subpoena to Wawa sought details on exactly how many visits/customers similar stores (compared to the one proposed in Conshy), average. If received, this information would be compared to the studies, such as the traffic study, conducted by the developer. Obviously, if the traffic study, which had estimates on how many visits the store would receive, was considerably lower than what is actually happening at similar stores, you would have to question the validity of the study. Due to the application no longer mentioning Wawa, the attorney for the developer stated in an email we were provided that the subpoena is moot.

The subpoena for EF Moore was seeking information, such as how many visits the dealership has/has had per day. Part of the argument by the developer is that the property converting from a dealership to a gas station/convenience store is not a change in use. The developers attorney plans to object to this subpoena at the April 30th hearing.

Should be interesting.  Stay tuned.