The Freedom Valley Chronicles: The Millennium Fire – Part Six Darkness Envelopes Washington Street

As darkness envelopes Washington Street on August 13, 2008, fire fighters had eight different ladders aiming water at Riverwalk at Millennium.  As photographer Ms. Annette Baesel stated at the time, “It is so sad.”

This photograph shows activity at Millennium at about 9 PM on August 13, 2008.




Fire fighters at the top of these ladders were training their hoses on the fire.
A closer view of some of the fire fighters. Yes, they are fighting fire in near total darkness.
One of the fire fighters striving to protect Conshohocken on the night of August 13, 2008.
The Worcester Volunteer Fire Department was one of the many fire companies and fire departments that came to help Conshohocken in its time of need.
Sprays of water are aimed at a section of Riverwalk At Millennium in attempts to contain the damage being done by fire.  The two sprays may be obvious in front, but look closely.  There are at least two more sprays of water coming from the right.  The next photo shows the sources of those two sprays of water.
This photograph shows two ladders aiming those sprays of water on the roof of Riverwalk At Millennium.
Fire trucks, including this one from the Worcester Volunteer Fire Department, lined area streets and the driveways within Millennium.  Water continued to be poured on Stables At Millennium to make sure none of the hotspots would reignite into flames.
Smoke descended on neighborhoods throughout Conshohocken.  People spoke of the extreme heat as well as the ashes and cinders that fell from the sky.  This location is two blocks away from the scene of the fire.
Elm Street was closed to most traffic in the vicinity of Millennium.
This photograph was taken from about two blocks away from the scene of the fire.  If you look closely, you’ll see ladders and sprays of water attempting to stop the fire.

The next news column will detail how some of the fire companies and fire departments from other communities and other counties came to help Conshohocken.

The photographs are courtesy of Ms. Annette Baesel, August 13, 2008.

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