The Freedom Valley Chronicles: The Millennium Fire – Part Nine Devastation At Riverwalk At Millennium

The fire that began on August 13, 2008, at the construction site of Stables At Millennium expanded to adjoining parcels of real estate.  The day after the fire showed the extent of the devastation at Riverwalk At Millennium.

Fire reached the roofs of buildings at Riverwalk At Millennium and then raced throughout the affected structures.

Heavy equipment was brought in on August 14, 2008, to begin removal of debris from the Millennium properties.

The shrubbery and trees appear to have not been singed by fire near the “No Parking – Fire Lane” sign.

The scene of Washington Street the day after the fire.

Some of the debris from the fire.

A wide shot of one of the buildings that was damaged at Riverwalk At Millennium.

This is a close-up of the previous photo.  Note that the interior walls appear to end at the roofline – the walls did not appear to extend to the roof itself.

This is a further close-up of the earlier photograph.  As one person noted in a public comment on the larger version of this photo, “This is heart wrenching. You can actually see a toaster, a microwave and mugs in these destroyed kitchens. Even the artwork they have hung on the wall.”

Note the view from some of the top windows.  One is able to see the outside from the outside.

While two of the buildings at Riverwalk At Millennium had damage severe enough to require eventual demolition, two of the other buildings at this residential rental complex survived the fire.

The first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and eleventh photographs are courtesy of TrafficDan Miller, August 14, 2008.

The second photograph is courtesy of the Keystone Valley Fire Department, August 14, 2008.

The tenth photograph is courtesy of Ms. Diana Kurutz, August 20, 2008.

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