The Freedom Valley Chronicles: Sinkholes Part Seven – Homeowners Property Insurance Update

In an earlier edition of The Freedom Valley Chronicles, insurance options were detailed for people who own residential properties in the area.

General information was detailed in that edition as well as detailed options available through Allstate Insurance and Travelers Insurance.  You can view this earlier news column by clicking here.

State Farm Insurance has now provided details on insurance options available through that firm.

“Sinkholes are not typically covered by a standard homeowners [insurance] policy,” stated Ms. Anna Bryant, Public Affairs Specialist at State Farm Insurance.  “However, State Farm currently offers a sinkhole endorsement for Homeowners, Manufactured Homes, and Rental Dwelling [insurance] policies in Pennsylvania.”

“Should someone have concerns about how their insurance coverage is impacted by sinkholes, the best approach is to begin that conversation with their agent or their insurer,” Ms. Bryant continued.  “Each claim is unique and will be reviewed individually and on its own merits.”

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