The Freedom Valley Chronicles – Eagle Run

Eagle Run is a small neighborhood in Plymouth Township.  Houses are located on two cul-de-sac streets off of Plymouth Road, between Germantown Pike and Johnson Road.  The neighborhood is adjacent to the Plymouth Elementary School.

Twenty Colonial-style, single-family houses are located in Eagle Run.

The grand opening of Eagle Run was advertised on July 21, 1979, and on July 22, 1979, in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Times have changed in the past forty years.

In an advertisement in the November 23, 1979, edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, new houses at Eagle Run were being offered with 10 ¾% mortgage rates for 40 years.  Prices started at $84,900.00, according to the advertisement, for a new, 4-bedroom house with central air conditioning.

A year later, prices had increased, but so had mortgage rates.  An advertisement on October 26, 1980, in The Philadelphia Inquirer, starting prices had increased to $87,900.00.

Mortgage rates?

According to the advertisement, mortgage rates were now 12 ¼% for 40 years.

An advertisement in The Philadelphia Inquirer on May 2, 1982, readers were informed that there were now only two houses left for sale at Eagle Run.

Eagle Drive is named after the American Bald Eagle.
Falcon Way is named the Falcon, a bird of prey.

The top photograph of Eagle Run is provided courtesy of Google, 2017.

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