The Freedom Valley Chronicles: Dogwood Trees In Bloom In Fort Washington

The Freedom Valley includes many areas of natural beauty.  This is the time when many trees and flowers in the region bloom on cue.  One of those areas is located chiefly in Whitemarsh Township.

“Fort Washington State Park blossoms with flowering dogwood trees in the Spring,” stated Mr. Eric Ihlein, Park Manager of the Fort Washington State Park.  “Hundreds of white dogwoods have been planted over the years and the beautiful flowers dot the landscape of the Park in the Spring.  Many other native Pennsylvania species are also in bloom this time of year showing off their greenery and also provide a colorful landscape of leaves in the fall.”

Hundreds of white dogwood trees are now in bloom throughout the 543 acres of Fort Washington State Park in Whitemarsh and Springfield Townships.

Dogwood trees line a number of the roadways in and around the Fort Washington State Park.
A portion of the acreage that was involved in the Battle of Whitemarsh during the American Revolutionary War is now preserved as public land. The largest of these public spaces is the Fort Washington State Park.



















The photographs of the Fort Washington State Park are courtesy of the Fort Washington State Park, 2018.

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