The Freedom Valley Chronicles – Club View Manor

Club View Manor is located at the point where the borders of Plymouth Township meet the borders of the Municipality of Norristown and East Norriton Township.  Townhouses are located on one cul-de-sac street off of Plymouth Road, near its intersection with New Hope Street.  The neighborhood is across the street from the Central Montco Technical High School.

Forty-four townhouses are located in Club View Manor.

The name of the neighborhood comes from the fact that it is located next to The 1912 Club, formerly known as the “Plymouth Country Club”.

Initially, this neighborhood also had a slightly different name – “Club View Estates”.

The neighborhood was advertised for “empty nesters” according to an advertisement-related news article dated November 27, 1994, in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  The name used at this time was “Club View Estates”.

Three years later, the name had been altered.

An advertisement-related news article dated August 3, 1997, in The Philadelphia Inquirer, indicted that buyers could choose from five different floor plans at this residential housing development.  The name was now listed as “Club View Manor”.

Green View Court is named after the greens of The 1912 Club, formerly known as the Plymouth Country Club.

Club View Manor is unusual in the Freedom Valley because parts of the neighborhood are located in two municipalities – most of the neighborhood is located within the borders of Plymouth Township, but a portion – highlighted in orange in the map above – is located within the Municipality of Norristown.  Even though a few of the townhouses are partially located within Norristown, all of the townhouses are taxed as being in Plymouth Township and the Colonial School District.

The top photograph of Club View Manor is provided courtesy of Google, 2015.

The photograph of the Club View Manor sign is provided courtesy of the Facebook Page for the neighborhood, date uncertain.

The photograph of The 1912 Club is provided courtesy of the Facebook Page for the former Plymouth Country Club, date uncertain.

The map detailing property boundaries is provided courtesy of Montgomery County, 2018.

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