The Conshy Card Discount Everyone is Talking About

We were out at the Conshohocken Arts Festival and Car Show on Saturday and sold a bunch of Conshy Cards and talked to a even more people about it. The Conshy Card offers a variety of discounts to 40 local businesses (it will soon grow to 50).

The one discount people kept bringing up is the one for the Below Deck Bottle Shop, which is downstairs at Flanigan’s Boathouse. The Below Deck Bottle Shop offers over 300 different beers to-go. You can mix and match and build your own craft beer six pack or grab a 12-pack of craft or domestic.

The discount offered by the bottle shop is 10% off beer purchases everyday. Note that the bottle shop also sells wine, but that can not be discounted due to the state law.

If you buy beer on a regular basis, the Conshy Card, which sells for $25.00, will more than pay for itself ($1.30 off a $13.00 six pack for example). A monthly beer purchase will equal $15.60 in savings utilizing just one of the dozens of discounts.

FYI, you can also utilize your Conshy Card upstairs for food. Save on wings too!

To see all the discounts and to get your Conshy Card now click here.