The Casmar Cafe is Still for Sale

The two most asked questions of me this year so far are “what is going to happen with the Wawa” and “has anyone bought the Casmar yet”.  We all know the answer to the first question and the answer to the second question is that it is still for sale.

The Casmar has received solid interest and we have heard a few of the concepts.  If you are interested, the restaurant and bar space consists of 2,500 square feet, plus there is an upstairs three bedroom apartment and a detached two car garage.  The sale includes the property, liquor license and all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment.

As we reported Conshy was recently named one of the region’s 15 hottest neighborhoods by Philadelphia magazine.  Conshy is also in the initial stages of a new wave of development with the potential for 1,200+ new apartments, dozens of new homes, a boutique hotel and new office towers.  While residents might not support all of the new development we listed, it does offer a lot of potential for the success of a new restaurant and bar.

For more information contact Gary DeMedio at (610) 828-3650.