Teen Selects Replacing Old Sign at Saint Matthew Cemetery for His Eagle Scout Project

A teen working on becoming an Eagle Scout, Billy Shumaker, has selected building a new sign for Saint Matthew Cemetery (corner of Butler and North Lane) as his Eagle Scout Project. The old sign is pictured above. By the fact that there isn’t an area code with the phone number, it has to be pretty old.

Shumaker states on the GoFundMe page he started:

My name is Billy and I am building a new sign for Saint Matthew’s cemetery for my Eagle Scout Project.  The old sign is extremely outdated and in need of repair.  I can use all of the help and support I can get to raise the funds for the new modern, stonefaced sign that I will be constructing and landscaping for the church to have a new beautiful sign.  Thank you for any support that you can give.

He is trying to raise $1,000. If you are interested in supporting him, you can find the GoFundMe page here.