Sutcliffe Park and 2nd Avenue Meadows Playgrounds Open Today

Two playgrounds in Conshohocken, one in Sutcliffe Park and one in the 2nd Avenue Meadows, open today (Saturday, June 10th). In Sutcliffe Park the old equipment was replaced and 2nd Avenue Meadows will be getting playground equipment for the first time. Below is a notice from the Borough of Conshohocken about it, plus pictures:

The Borough of Conshohocken is proud to announce the opening of Sutcliffe Park Playground and 2nd Avenue Meadows Playground! Both playgrounds will officially open for use on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Please be mindful that there are areas around the park equipment that have been seeded and currently have mesh and straw coverings. Park users should try to keep off of these areas until the mesh and straw coverings have been removed.

The decision to replace and install playground equipment came from Council in 2016, as older park equipment was posing concerns for residents and Council was dedicated to increasing amenities available to Borough residents.  Funds were appropriated in the 2017 capital budget.

“Borough Council passed on their vision of what they wanted the parks in Conshohocken to look like for their residents,” says Director of Public Services, Raymond Sokolowski. “It is my hope that both Sutcliffe Park and 2nd Avenue Meadows meet or exceed their expectations. It was a lot of hard work, but ultimately, rewarding to be able to bring their vision to life and provide these amenities to the Borough residents.”

Sutcliffe playground equipment was removed on December 7, 2016. Initial ground break at Sutcliffe Park and the 2nd Avenue Meadows took place on May 1, 2017.

Sutcliffe Park

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2nd Avenue Meadows

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Photos: Borough of Conshohocken